A Boy, Anxiety and Lux Life

Feb 11, 2021 | Local Resources, Lux Life Chiropractic, Partners

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Can kids have anxiety? Did I pass on my own anxiety to my children? Now what? Here is a story about our family’s journey with child anxiety and chiropractic care. If you have anxiety, worries and/or anger, then you know.. and when you start to see it in your children, you panic. This is why we love Lux Life Chiropractic and how they changed our world.

You know that ‘motherly intuition’, when something is off and struggle to figure out what it is. Or HOW to fix it. I sought help everywhere. It was always the same things, “he will grow out of it, its normal.”. I KNEW something is wrong. The worries, the anger, the endless energy and the dramatic waves of emotion that seemed to change throughout the day. It was just too much for my little boy and it was not normal. I felt helpless as a parent to watch your child struggle. It was like he had so much going on inside his body that anything happening on the outside would send him into a meltdown. The instant rage and screaming followed by tears. It was exhausting for everyone and left me feeling defeated & even more devastated.

“A Mother is only as happy as her saddest child”

I was introduced to Dr Sadey and it was instant that I knew THIS could be it, she was our answer! Her passion for helping families, the focus on sensory issues, putting the kids first. Finally, I felt as though my concerns were heard. Our first appointment at Lux Life was a difficult one, to say the least. We had been in this similar place before: the adjustment, and it just triggered him big time. He was not budging. Nothing. He was not going to get the adjustment. No negotiating, speaking calmly, showing him the adjustment first on mom & dad… he had his wall up. Angry, crying and yelling, I knew he was  just really scared. 

Dr Sadey spoke to him so calmly, was patient and understanding; there was no frustration or pressure, just kindness. She was building trust with him and it was working, She simply placed her hands on him so he could feel her touch and that was all. We were starting at ground zero. That day he had his first adjustment on the couch in the waiting room.

If you have a child who experiences big emotions, out-of-no where rage, anxiety, worries… I could go on, then you know exactly how we felt as parents. Tired, exhausted, angry, sad, confused and just wanting someone to help.

We’ve been a part of the Lux Life family for almost 3 years now. My scared, worried little boy is now a happy & more confident. We are able to TALK through the big emotions and anxieties, which have become less and less. As a result, a weight was lifted and he could live again and sigh of relief for me. And something to remember as we continue growing… there are ups & downs, growth spurts, season changes and life challenges. It is wise to remember that this is a journey that will continue.

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