More Than A Fitness Center: The Kroc Community Center

Jun 5, 2021 | Kroc Community Center, Local Resources, Partners

The Green Bay Area Kroc Community Center is more than a Fitness Center. We’ve started out visiting the Kroc Center by participating in the ‘Free Swim’ nights and the “Family Fun Night’ activities; the kids always had a blast. I happened to grab the Registration Guide on my way out of the building to look more into the classes, specifically Swim Lessons. I was blown away by the amount of activities & programs the Kroc had to offer, quickly realizing that this is more than a fitness center.

It’s finding confidence

The Kroc Center helps young people find confidence in themselves to perform a memorized routine for Tap & Ballet. It encourages them to use their  voice and encourages your team through the Cheerleading program. Conquering their fears and trusting in others to feel safe while learning to swim;  Instructors who are gentle and patient. 

It’s creating

It’s more than a Fitness Center; it’s listening to rhythms and creating music with your fingers while learning a new instrument like the Piano, Guitar or Ukulele. It’s learning & using new mediums and techniques to create beautiful art; from watercolors to sculpting in the Art Program. It’s learning about who you are and who you want to be, or at least exploring the many options the Kroc Center has to offer.

It’s teamwork

It’s more than a Fitness Center; it’s teamwork and good sportsmanship. It’s knowing  everyone starts in the beginning and grows in their strengths. It’s understanding that we can’t always succeed alone and we are better as a team. With sports programs like Soccer, Basketball and Flag Football (hopefully continuing to add more!), the focus is teaching skills while working together and EVERY person on the team has something to offer. 

For my family, it’s all about trying new experiences and discovering something my kids never knew they would enjoy or be good at! Having a place in the community that puts so much effort into helping me raise kind & smart children is a top priority for me and so grateful to have found the Kroc Center. 

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