A Little Bit of Normal

Feb 11, 2021 | Kroc Community Center, Local Resources, Partners

A little bit of ‘normal’ feels great. Back at the @kroccentergb and the kids are loving it (as am I!). It’s hard to put into words all the emotions that Safer at Home and the global pandemic have had on these kiddos.

No lie, we have enjoyed our time at home. We’ve learned A LOT from all this time… and most of it was just how ‘busy’ we were. It’s been refreshing to sleep in, not to rush-rush-rush, no over-planning or filled you-do’ lists. It forced us to slow down, and I’m grateful for that.

Now that the world is learning to adapt to all these changes, it’s nice to be back ‘home’. Friends are a big one here. As a homeschool mom, the KROC offers classes from PE to music, art and more; which also introduces the kids to new friends. They look forward to RJs Child Watch to play with other kids the friendly staff and art projects, while I can take a couple hours to myself in the fitness center (or just sitting in a chair for some peace & quiet).

It feels good to get back to ‘normal’.

I’ve had hesitations about getting back to our favorite places and worries with COVID, I think a lot of us do. I feel confident about all the safety measures that the KROC is taking and their priority continues to be the safety of everyone inside the facility. Each of my kids is enrolled in a course this summer; Cheer, Ninja & Soccer. My kids wear their masks the whole time (optional for members) and as usual, LOVE their classes. The instructors are engaging and fun, boost confidence and overall, they care.

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