Real stories of motherhood, from one mom to another.

to relate, be supported, and have a good laugh – you aren’t alone!.

You know what no one tells you about Motherhood?

The isolation, loneliness and the feeling of complete loss of self identity…

and yet we are so filled with LOVE
(like, seriously overflowing love).

IT’S SO CONFUSING! So how do we survive it all while raising healthy & happy children, providing for our families, and keep our sanity?! 

Oh mama, this life can be a very lonely life and you are not alone

This is NOT your average ‘mom group’

I left those groups to start a conversation of my own!

Like a Mother is a place to feel related to, supported and frankly, a good laugh.

Motherhood seems so much easier when you can peek inside someone else’s world of parenting and realize, THIS IS NORMAL. Its normal to feel all the feelings of guilt, shame and failure and it’s refreshing to find a way out of that through others who relate.


Motherhood is not a journey to make alone so join the conversation!
Patty Duffek Like a Mother Green Bay Blogger

I felt a calling to share my journey of motherhood

I live my life in kindness, laughter and lots of color.

My kids are 8, 6, and 4 years old; I am a homeschool mom with unschooled adventures. We live in the Midwest in the heart of Packers country, Green Bay, but our heart belongs to the salt water. My husband and I have plans to RV across the United States, and we look forward to just picking up and going!

I am an artist, makeup artist and DIY queen.


Storytelling is my jam, sprinkled with lots of humor.

Patty Duffek Like a Mother Green Bay Blogger
Here is my story and the story of others that bring us all together in this journey.

I started Like A Mother  because I needed a place to talk, to listen and to feel seen by others who are also in the thick of Motherhood.

I wanted to find a place that was real, full of kindness & love and inclusive. So, I started one.

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